About us


AutoElectros specializes in products, services and consultation for automated factories.  From automotive to apparel, healthcare to food and beverage, we make sure that your processes run with maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

We understand that every minute matters and our high level of customer service helps keep you up and running. For manufacturers who build products or institutions that have energy efficiency or heat control needs, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. And, our strong multi-lingual capabilities allow effective communication to companies around the world.

Our Company

AutoElectros was founded in 2011 by Ellen Chendra.

Ellen has over 20 years in automation process experience in automobile manufacturing. She has an intuitive understanding of industrial product landscape, and is intensely devoted to customer service and focus on the details.

She has built a team of specialists that match her relentless commitment to customers, empowering them to do whatever it takes to solve a problem.

Over the years, Ellen has earned a reputation for building mutually beneficial business relationships and partnerships.

An example of Ellen's relationship building skills is AutoElectros' long and productive partnership with Honda. Over the course of their partnership, Honda has honored AutoElectros with Outstanding Value and Special Recognition awards for their efficient work as an MRO provider in Honda's Central Region.

My 20 years of experience have given me a clear understanding of what it takes to keep some of the nation’s top manufacturers as customers. I understand their processes and the demands of their work, and have built strong, steady relationships over time. My team and I have bonded with our customers because they know we’ll go the extra mile, and always consider them our number one priority.

Ellen Chendra



To be that one indispensable company that always comes through for manufacturers to keep production rolling. To reliably deliver essentials, relentlessly uncover the hard to find, and accurately anticipate what’s needed next. And do it all with our own unique combination of passion and fun.